Joe Montana very salty about Brady taking GOAT status from him


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Jan 8, 2014
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Joe really seems like a colossal jerk. He better never have dinner with Brady or else he will be paying. LOL

Then there is this embarrassing comment. Sure, pick the QB who has literally won nothing. šŸ˜†
Left Joe in the dust ...

Marino also had Don Shula on the competition committee; during Shula's tenure a number of rule changes that opened up the game for QBs were implemented.
I dunno, he had a pretty big choke gene.
It is pretty embarrassing IMO for Montana to say this given the debate back when he played was whether he or Marino were the better QB. It would be like Brady saying 20 years from now that Manning was better than him. He really can't stand that Brady blew by him and continues to mention how the "game was different" back then. Not sure if you saw this article as well but apparently he can't stand that Brady took the "GOAT status" from him. He also had dinner back in the day with Elway, Marino, etc and said whoever has the least amount of rings has to pay. It really irked Marino. What a total jerk. He is a lot like Jordan I think.

Brady had Montana's career TWICE!



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2 things re Montana's salinity:

1. I don't blame him in the least.
2. F*** Joe Montana
Then there is this embarrassing comment. Sure, pick the QB who has literally won nothing. šŸ˜†
I actually do think that Dan Marino was the best pure passer I've ever seen. Neither Brady nor Montana had an arm like Marino did, with the combination of his quick release, accuracy, and arm strength. Brady was better at reading defenses, though. It's a shame that Shula never really put a good team around him, though. Marino did keep Shula employed a lot longer than otherwise would have been.

FWIW, another QB who doesn't get the props he deserves in Johnny Unitas. When he retired, he had the record for pass completions, passing yards, and TD passes, among other things. His record for most consecutive games with at least 1 TD pass, lasted for 50 years. BTW, Dan Marino broke Unitas' record for most games with 4 or more TD passes. Unitas is as entitled to be called the GOAT as anyone.