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Oct 8, 2002
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So the games posted in this section are all from a single site. I have a mod to display them inline, but only from this site. I posted a few random games to start the section off.

The site is Crazy Games - Free Online Games on

Feel free to reply to this thread with games you want added, and I will add them as a new post. Most, but not all, games from this site can be added. It looks like there are thousands of games.
Copy the link to the one you like. I had tried to find one and they were all crazy looking.
Added the 3 links that worked as new threads.

EDIT: Deleted Bubble Shooter. I already had a thread for that one.
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Easiest for me if when you want to request a game, you paste one link per post. I can then promote each post to its own thread.
The mini pool game that we had on the old board. Or something similar
I don't really remember anything about the old games. If you find something at this website:

I can add it here. Just copy the link to a post here.