Nostalgic Music Thread

Song: Aloha Week Hula
Artist: Various
Songwriter: Jack Pitman

I've been thinking a lot about Hawaii since the Lahaina wildfires. I've never lived in Hawaii, but have spent a lot of time there, especially on Maui (I did some work at the Maui High Performance Computing Center a long time ago). Lots of fond memories about wonderful people, good food and great places to visit.
Song: This Hotel Room
Artist: Jimmy Buffett

Many of Mr. Buffett's songs capture his outlook on life. This is a Steve Goodman song, but it's one that Jimmy performs with his signature style.

Rest in peace, Jimmy, and thank you for all the peace that you provided as a counterbalance to everything else that goes on in the world.

Called my baby said don't you pout
I'm packin' my bags and I'm checkin' out
Just as soon as you hang up the telephone

Stick a candle in the window I'm comin' home
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