Patriots select Christain Gonzalez with the #17th pick.

Such a fucking Patriots first-round Triumph. I'm absolutely delighted with this kid and looking
forward to more cooking shows. One of the first things I heard him say was that he makes up
his own recipes. The soul of an artist. I love it.

I look forward to him applying his artistic talents to shutting some big-mouths up and allowing
us to mix and match our D backfield in a way that many of our competitors cannot..

This is as good of news as can happen in the first.
A big need, plus a great player.
I’m very happy this wasn’t a WR, and the more I’m not sure any left tackle on the board has the talent of this guy.
I’d like to see a developmental TE added at some point.
This is as good of news as can happen in the first.
A big need, plus a great player.
I’m very happy this wasn’t a WR, and the more I’m not sure any left tackle on the board has the talent of this guy.
I’d like to see a developmental TE added at some point.

Only Wright and Skoronski (maybe) who went 10 and 11 have that kind of talent now. Paris Johnson will probably develop over a year or two, but in terms
of who can play now, none of the OLs left would really compare to Gonzalez. We can still get a guy who will be somebody that can get the job done well and look
a lot better than most of the guys we've drafted at the position in recent years.

I would bet my left nut that we'll draft a TE. It's a pretty good crop and we have 11 picks left. That's a lot of ammo and we only have one real TE on the roster. Book it.
is it OK if I call him Speedy Gonzalez? He is very fast.

Not bad at all. Wish I thought of it.

Andale, andale, ARRIBA!!!!!

It's really weird that phrase crossed my mind just the other day out of the blue and I couldn't remember where it came from. Maybe it
was a sign that I missed.
Waking up this morning and finding out the Pats got a guy graded by many as a Top 10 pick at 17, after trading back and getting a mid round pick.

Same. No reason to think this guy will be anything less than a stud, and they were able to move down a bit AND snag another pick in the process. A+ pick IMO.
Looked at Gonzalez, little wonder some of you are calling him speedy. 4.38 in the 40? Guy is an athletic freak. Noticing a real trend now on this team towards athleticism
wow! i was struggling to stay awake, got to 14, and they didn't pick. thought ok, typical 1st round trade out, and surrendered to the arms of morpheus. then i wake up and see this? 😲🥳

I stayed up after the trade from 14 to 17 although I half expected another trade down. All the CBs except Witherspoon were still available and I began to wake up again. When Forbes was picked by Washington at 16 and we were next up, I never expected Gonzalez to be the there but there he was staring us in the face. By then I was wide awake with anticipation.

CB was our biggest hole to fill and right there waiting for us was the best CB in the draft.

Great pick to get the highest ranked CB (plus an extra pick from a trade back) at our position of greatest need. Sometimes the stars align just right when you're fully prepared.

Gonzalez was the steal of the 1st round for TheAthletic and received their first "A" for the draft.

17: New England Patriots: Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon

The Patriots married need with value better than any team thus far in the first round. New England had question marks in the secondary, and it landed the highest-rated corner in the draft.

A two-year starter at Colorado, Gonzalez transferred to Oregon last year and thrived with four interceptions and 11 passes defended. He allowed receivers to catch 39 passes (on 64 targets) for 495 yards and three touchdowns, according to Pro Football Focus.

The most physically gifted and smoothest of the cornerbacks, Gonzalez played both outside and in the slot at Oregon last year. With perfect dimensions for a cornerback, Gonzalez (6-1, 3/8, 197) ran a 4.38 40 at the combine and has more fluidity than other upper-tier corners.

Brugler wrote Gonzalez has the skill to be a future Pro Bowler and needs continued work in zone, “but he offers strong man-cover talent with speed, fluid movements and body length to blanket outside receivers.”

Grade: A


My notes on the draft.

-Petey saw what a lot of us here saw in Witherspoon but taking him with the 5th pick is crazy to me.

-Indy picking Richardson at 4 is another crazy pick to me. Big and athletic but his 53% completion rate in college translates to 43% for his first 2-3 yrs in the NFL. 1 year as a starter at Florida. 17 TDs, 9 ints. The Colts entire front office has a good chance of being fired in 2 years if someone doesn't give Richardson a way to succeed quickly.

- Other notable question marks:
The Bears needing a pass rusher in the worst way but pick OT Darnell Wright at 10. Duh Bears. has a nice ring to it.
Atlanta needing D but picks a RB at 8.
Detroit was last in D in '22 and they pick a RB at 12. I love Gibbs but not at 12.

Maybe the NFC doesn't think much of this year's crop of defensive players. Or maybe the NFC is just dumb at football.
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Speedy has just turned 21. In spite of being a consensus top 10 rated player, it is said that he has a big upside with good coaching.