Patriots vs Chargers Week 13

A case could be made that the year 2 Matt Patricia farce broke him. I do not ascribe to that theory but others will surely sink their teeth into that and never let go.
i mean,athletics isn't a normal 9-5,i get it. but...i try to put it in terms of the career that it actually is for these guys. i think about having a terrible boss and would that make me not do my job correctly? i think it would make it tougher,sure. but i think we've all had bad bosses and if we have skill,our performance doesn't decline 90% solely because of that person.
if that is true,it's another reason to 🙄 at the h.o.f. liking someone should have 0 to do with their getting in.
It's annoying. He deserves to be in but he was voted dirtiest player in the league for much of his career so the Hall hates him.
It's annoying. He deserves to be in but he was voted dirtiest player in the league for much of his career so the Hall hates him.
well,the media votes so they SHOULD know how to be objective. that said, a lot of the voters just want the guys who were easy and fun media relations guys when they played.
i think he could possibly have been joking. before he was with the pats,not a joke. but i belueve he said he changed his mind on tb after he played in n.e.
I was too busy posting to actually read it. But still fuck James Harrison and any other Steeler just because I don't take kindly to any Steeler or their fans.
I can barely bring myself to pay attention at this point.
Give Zappe the start let him sink or swim. I really would rather not see Mac out there again.
Fulking hell
I've been studying the Chargers' roster bc they are next up and bc some think that the Chargers could be a destination for Belichick.

My conclusion is that the Chargers really aren't loaded with talent. They tried to load up over the last 2 years but their decisions aren't working out. Outside of Herbert and OT Slater, no player is playing at a top 10 level for their position and their next best 2 guys are both over 31 yrs old. Their last 2 drafts have not worked out at all.

Their big name players are either young guys who are underachieving their draft status, not on the field, or aging 3rd contract guys at the end of their careers.

Keenan Allen was great once but injuries and age have taken a toll and yet he's still asked to carry the bulk of the WR load (15 targets last week).
Mike Williams, JCJackson, Zion Johnson, Quentin Johnston and even K.Mack (20th ranked pass rusher) haven't played as well as they hoped.

They looked good on paper to start the season but underachieving and injuries make this a pretty poor roster on paper today.
The names are there but the performances are not. Ekeler is the 53rd ranked RB!

The Chargers should be favored in this game bc of their QB's passing but not by 6 points at Gillette unless turnovers get out of hand.

There is no way the Chargers are a legit contender for BB.
They need as much or more rebuilding than the Pats do and they are currently projected to be $83,049,973 over the cap for 2024.
All we need is a competent QB, some new WRs and an improvement in O Line pass protection and we are looking good next season. The D is set and the O Line now is showing its serious potential in run blocking. Keep Zeke as well.

Add in a big DT, a CB and exchange Zeke for a James White kind of RB and I'm in.