Patriots vs Chargers Week 13

NEW ENGLAND:- A playoff exit with 5 weeks to play would be the earliest for the
since 1993 (out week 13 in unique 16 games over 18 weeks season)- For the 22 years from 2001 through 2022, New England has made the playoffs 18 times (17 as division champion...only Wild Card was 2021) and of their 4 playoff misses during that span, 3 came on the final week and one came with 3 weeks to play (week 15 in 2020 covid year).
This is smart. Bring in some white WR's. We had a lot of success with white WR's. Then, after 2019 we got rid of them all, and our results have tanked.

I am trying to figure out this team's nosedive since 2019. The absence of white WR's is the only thing I can think of that has changed since then.
The white WR must be under 6 ft in order for it to work.