Teh official Taltos "circle rep thread" #2

Wingsday in Decorah :wuv:

From Raptor Resource Project:

H2 is in its fifth week of life and the milestones are coming fast! We’ve seen it standing on its feet.

Casting a pellet.

Look for DH2’s wingercizing game to really ramp up as N1 turns into a trampoline and DH2
strengthens its leg and wing muscles for its first flight! While fledge isn’t easy to guesstimate,
DH2 will turn 75 days old on June 21, which puts our little eaglet about halfway through nest
life by the end of this week.
Enjoy your day! :)

Freestyle Friday in Decorah :wuv:

DH2 enters its sixth week of life today! During week five, our not-so-little eaglet got better at eating rough pieces of food, self-feeding, standing, and shooting poop. It wingercized unwieldy wings, began building leg and flight muscles as it hopped and stomped, played house, tween-preened the keratin sheaths that covered its emerging wing and tail feathers, and lost the last remnant of its egg tooth on May 10. If DH2 wasn't sprawling around the nest, it was pestering Mom and Dad, demanding snacks, and raiding the pantree for nestovers. HD and HM seem a bit bemused by their great grey tweagle. Where did that downy head, those tiny features, and that wavering stalk of a neck go?