Teh official Taltos "circle rep thread" #2

Good morning! :)

Happy Wingsday!

Raptor Resource Project changed their cover photo on Facebook. Precious DN17 and DN18 :wuv:

DN17 and DN18.JPG
With kids at grandparents for two days, it is a work and fun time at home.

Did a bunch of cleaning yesterday and have a bit to do. I did surprise my wife today. I conspired with a friend who is a car collector. She likes challengers so I arranged for her to get a ride in a 71 rt se similar to the one in the picture.


Unfortunately it developed a gas leak at the carb.

She got to pick between a c5 z06, 2021 z51 corvette or a 1971 olds 442 w30 with a 455 rocket.

She choose one similar (or might be the auction picture of the car) to this.


She will get the challenger ride.
Morning all-

Have a wonderful start to the weekend!

Good morning, Dee :wuv:

chevss454 where are you?

BostonTim, open your mail. Click on the envelope on the menu bar at the top.

Have a great day!
Good morning!

Enjoy! :)