The 2023 AFC East

OTOH, we have George Carlin pointing out that flammable and inflammable basically mean the same thing. When I heard that the first time, my head literally exploded.
Not well.

In fact, based on my online degree in street psychology from Ersatz State and from watching Hard Knocks ep. 2 last night, there is a chance that
entire team could have bad vibes if they don't win and win right away, not just ARodg, but, sure......he's going to be under some very hot

I base this on similar teams whose coaching staff did/does a ton of woofing and seems to specialize more in testosterone than
actual football. Rex Ryan's teams tended to be good early and then burn out. Parcells' guys could only listen to his stuff for so long and
then tuned him out. I've heard variations on that a hundred times.

I think it's a good policy to let the players determine who their leaders are and let them decide when to go on a profanity-laced
tirade and you don't need to hear it from every coach on the staff. It's a long season and you can only stay in a bloodthirsty frenzy for so
long before you just get tired of it and wander off in search of cheese curls. If they think NFL teams are going to be afraid to play

Ulbrich, their DC, might be a good X and O guy, but all I've seen so far is him talking about MF this and bitch that. I'm pretty sure it's
abbreviated on the wall of their meeting room in letters 4 feet high. He's like the dude in every prison movie that tells the fresh meat
they need to fight the toughest guy they can find the first day or they're done. The guy is a bit over the top if you ask me.

Sure, they have a lot of potential, but I can't decide if it's really real or just a lot of hot air.
Never mind your question, I just 😍 your scenario!

She says that, too. And intensive purposes. And Libary and idear.

libary and idear aaah two prime examples of wikkid MassHole tahhk from those who live haahh but don't want to sound like they OFD (Originally Frum Daahchestaaah)

theys the ones that don't want to say petezahh, so they try and put a mid-western spin onnit and say petezerr :)

Diggs asking for a trade out of Buffalo...?


Watch him get traded to KC. :rolleyes:

Haha. Good luck with that, Stefon. You signed a new deal last year and got a $6.75 mil restructure bonus and a $21.5 mil signing bonus. Then you grabbed a $16 mil option bonus last March and now you want to leave the Bills with a $45.4 mil dead cap hit??? Hahaha

I do wish you sincere luck but the Bills aren't that poorly run an organization (even though they do seem to be taking cap advice from Felger).