The Jazz Appreciation Thread

Song: Mahk Jchi
Artist: Robbie Robertson And The Red Road Ensemble
Vocals: Pura Fé, Soni Moreno, Jennifer Kreisberg

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Song: Iron Horse Gallop
Artist: The Delbert Anderson Trio

There was an article about these guys in last week's New York Times. Mr. Anderson brings a Native American (Navajo) approach to the genre.
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Song: A Remark You Made
Artist: Weather Report

I was traveling for work last week and I didn't have many opportunities to visit the board, so I am a little late acknowledging that Wayne Shorter passed away a few days ago.

He was a founding member of Weather Report, and a widely respected musician. This is a piece where his saxophone work really shines.
Song: Taurean Matador
Artist: Billy Cobham
Lead Guitar: Tommy Bolin

RoadNasty posted a song by Zephyr in the Nostalgic Music thread; Tommy Bolin played with that band, too.