The Jazz Appreciation Thread

Song: What's New
Artist: The Ahmad Jamal Trio

Mr. Jamal passed away at his Massachusetts home last week. He was 92.
Song: The Lone Ranger
Artist: Dan Siegel
Guitar: Larry Carleton

Song: Soaring
Artist: Dan Siegel

For when you need to mellow out.
Song: Freddie Freeloader
Artist: Miles Davis

I'm not a huge fan of Miles Davis and the music of his era, but I get along with the Kind Of Blue album just fine.
Song: Driving Home
Artist: Alan Satchwell

We saw this local artist last night at a small club in Solvang - The Lost Chord. Mrs. TR found out about the show and suggested we go.

A very nice time was had by all - there were about 30-40 people in attendance, and it seemed like everyone knew each other (except us).

But we were included in conversations, and we met Mrs. Satchwell and talked with her for a while during one of the set breaks.