The random video thread

The huge Juneau Alaska house pictured in the clip below is the same house my family rented for a wedding seven years
ago. I couldn't believe it was the same place, but it's true. The river looks massive in the vid, but when we were there
it was maybe 30 feet across. I estimate that that steep bluff the house was built on was about 20 feet above the river at
that time and maybe 100 feet back from the closest edge. One local resident said the river was, at peak flood, 4 times
wider than he had ever seen it.

The "jokhulaups" flooding, as it is known, which happens when a glacier that is holding back a massive wall of water
collapses much like a dam failure, also occurred while we were staying there. While the current flooding
was much worse, A Juneau record. It was fascinating to see a river rise 8 feet in about an hour and a little scary too.

I just ran across this video titled "brutal bad weather 1969 NFL games" and got curious. Turns out that
the first 4 minutes are from a game at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill and features the Pats vs. the Dolphins
in an absolute quagmire. It's a miracle that nobody drowned, but the film quality is surprisingly good.

If you are a longtime fan you might enjoy watching Bo Nance in his prime breaking a long run and some of the other old Pats
or even the Phins featuring Larry Csonka, but if you aren't then it's still interesting to see how shitty the conditions were back in that era.