Week 11 Other Games

Great week of football for us. Several of our competitors for draft position won today. And two teams ahead of us?

Carolina has their guy already. Well, they think they do. And that's all that matters.

Arizona may be dumb enough to think Kyler is still their franchise QB.
My understanding from Cardinals fans is that they are in on Kyler... but they'd be dumb not to consider a change. Kyler is a fun player, reminds me of early Russ Wilson except faster. He makes some crazy plays, has a great arm, but I just doubt he can hold up.
Two older WR's I wouldn't mind being on the Pats in 2024.. Mike Evans, Courtland Sutton
I didn't watch a single down of NFL football yesterday. I'm not gonna lie, it felt kinda good. I hung all of the outdoor Christmas lights and got in a little Call of Duty grind.
I want philly to beat the piss out of the Chefs. don't like either team but like Chefs a lot less

and lets see what Chefs can do in this shitty weather.... to bad it's not snow