Week 2 other games.

i edited it before you saw the edit because i realized it was ambiguous...😄

Yah but....

I took that screen shot AFTER I responded to your post and in my response we see your edit WHILE your post above mine still showed the to rather than the turnover. Really weird time shifting.

Or dash board stuff.
I have been trying to watch the extreme shit-show that is tonight's Steelers/Browns game and have only been able to
stomach watching in shifts. Both teams absolutely suck and while I don't know the exact turnover numbers my gut feeling
is that they seem to be going for a record.

Nick Chubb has his knee blown apart and Minkah got a concussion administering it. DeShaun Watson is playing like shit and
the lack of coverage and horrific schemes on display look like neither team has ever practiced.

I'm not saying Pats/Dolphins will be long-remembered as a classic, but the overall level of play and strategies were
generally interesting and it turned out to be a decent contest.

Good Lord, this is bad. Might as well declare both teams losers.
I wouldn't take Watson with his baggage, and his performance also shows poorly on him. wasn't his best years w/Texans under BoB ?
maybe he's a product of BoB's offense?

I'll take Mac thank you.
i despise him. he should have been tossed if he shoved an official. why wasn't he?
blandino on sirius this am had to bring up that he shoved the official after they talked about his two facemasks. he didn't say what the penalty should be. i guess dude just likes putting his hands on people without their consent🤷‍♀️