WTF Thread

watching this "farmers dog" food commercial for putting your dog on a healthy diet because it is overweight. broad is talking about how she wishes she would have started it sooner etc. they pan back and she looks like she could lose about 50 herself...😄
Female air passenger 'who forcibly performed oral sex on man sitting next to her before he "stopped resisting''

A woman has been detained in Moscow after allegedly giving oral sex to a male stranger sitting next to her on a tourist flight from Antalya.

On a flight from Antalya to Moscow, a female passenger went on a rampage and [orally] raped her [male] neighbour,' reported major Russian news outlet
She pulled down his trousers and committed violent acts :oops:of a sexual nature.

Later the [male] neighbour stopped resisting. :biggrin:

[it was] reported: Surprisingly, the flight attendants waited until the end of the action and only then moved [the woman] away. :rofl:

As a police officer escorted her away to applause from those on the plane, she told the cop: 'I won't go anywhere with a sucker like you.'

takes one to know one I guess :lol: