Your Moment of Zen

Pretty cool version.

Almost as good as this one.

Well, no, not really. ;)

I can recall when I first came across the No Quarter video. Back in the 90's The Disney cable channel played a variety of music videos like this.

I can recall tuning in part way through Kashmir and thinking "WTF have I just missed?"

So, I set up the VCR to tape it the next time it aired. Yeah, 90's VCR's.

I also taped Peter Gabriel's Secret World concert off Disney as well.

Both were played at parties I had.

I also have both on DVD now.
Pop quiz.

Who's old enough to have lived in a house where there was a little alcove on the wall where the stairs went to the second floor for this very thing.

OK, clearly more zen for the membered members, but still very nice matching of choreography with the song.

Bonus points if you know all the actresses, and/or movies/TV shows.