The tweet says UP TO $6mil. That means if he has a good year, he will get that. If he has a good year then he'll be worth it. If not, then it's small money.
I never liked Zeke, but he would be a great signing.
The media drumbeat always said pollard needed more carries, but not all carries for RBs are equal.
Stevenson can now handle the dynamic stuff that’s not as hard on your body.
Now Zeke can absorb the punishing hits, and convert in short yardage. He is still one of the best in the league at this. He still makes guys pay to bring him down.
No he’s not a 1000 yard guy anymore. But he doesn’t have to be.
Stevenson is awesome and will still be awesome, but he’s not been as good as Zeke at punching in TDs, and it’ll be great to take some heavy runs up the middle off his plate.
6 million for 1 year seems like a lot though. I’m assuming more details on this contract will emerge.
Despite the fact that I’ve always rooted against him, I considered him the best RB out there for NE.
just catching up on this now.... like many said, his pass blocking and taking some wear on Stevenson makes it worth it... although like many I Assume that's a lot of incentives and done that way so Zeke looks like he got a good deal... and if he earns those then it was worth it.

I will say one thing... if he does that stupid "feed me" gesture I'm gonna wretch.
What are peoples thoughts on this? Is he any use at this stage of his career? At his peak he was pretty devastating.
Pass Pro. Rhamandre tire-tread-saver.
Also, I guarantee that contract's not worth anything close to $6million.
pulled this from an SI.Com article:
According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Elliott will make $3 million in base salary with $2 million in incentives and a $1 million signing bonus.
1/3 is a bit more than I thought he'd get, but they have the money.
Also consider the Cowboys are paying $12million on their cap for him the next 2 years.
Dalvin Cook 17 games, 4.4y/c, 8 Tds, 39 rec
Zeke Elliott 15 games, 4.4y/c, 12 TDs, 17 rec

Not much difference at all. I'll take the TDs and pass pro for the Pats.

How does he complement Stevenson?

Per The Athletic
Elliott thrived in the short-yardage situations in which Stevenson struggled. Elliott ranked fifth in the percentage of his carries that went for zero or negative yards. Stevenson was 25th in that stat. Elliott ranked seventh among running backs at third-down conversions, moving the chains on 67 percent of his third-down carries, per TruMedia. Stevenson was 28th.
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