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Presenting to you from the collection of Annihilus, the September 7, 1960 edition of the Boston Daily Record. This is a 16 page preview of the inaugural season of the 1960 Boston Patriots and the American Football League. Click on the thumbnails below to see the images full size. Each article (and/or ads) are viewable in full size by clicking on the item in question. For example: On page 2, you can click on 3 different spots on the image to enlarge: the ad on the left, the article on the upper right, or the article on the lower right. Each will be enlarged on it's own. Or you can:

Download the 1960 Boston Daily Record in PDF Format.


















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The Patriots are Coming! Daily Record Headline Contents Filene's Advertisement F.S. Moseley Advertisement 20,000 Will See Patriots Article Mr. Z Sees Pats as Champs! Article J-A Patriot Cigar Advertisement Jack and Marion's Advertisement Pats & AFL Here to stay Article First National Advertisement Eastabrook & Co. Advertisement Saban Staff Article John Volpe Advertisement Simpson Spring Advertisement First National Bank Advertisement Wonderland Advertisement PM Deluxe Advertisement Analytical Report Article H.C. Tommy Greene Article Dallas Texans Advertisement Hertz Advertisement American Airlines Advertisement Patriots Roster Blenron Advertisement Patriots Heavy Favorites Article State Street Bank Advertisement Cobbs Advertisement 1960 AFL Schedule Perini Advertisement B.U. Seating Plan Pats No. 1 Article Lincoln Downs Patriots Fooled 'Em Article Season Ticket Advertisement Who's Who Article Sumner's Advertisement Metropolitan Coal Advertisement Rockland Atlas Advertisement Sketches of Hub Grid Stars Article American Football League New Hampshire Jockey Club Advertisement Gilbey's Gin Advertisement Bold Venture by Patriots Avis Advertisement Union National Bank Advertisement Hotel Kenmore Advertisement WEEI Advertisement Patriots Fooled 'Em Article Suffolk Downs Advertisement Providence Reds Advertisement Billy Sullivan Article Goodyear Advertisement White Owl Cigars Advertisement