Deus Irae
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  • We started out disagreeing over Branch, which got rather unkind when you decided my objection to him was "personal." Now today's church service rubbed my nose in the fact that my anger at you needs to be moderated and I'll need to improve my own hope for forgiveness by forgiving you. Unfortunately at the moment old Adam still has me in his grip and your generously negative interpretation of Bruschi's commentary - particularly after your input on my Branch objection - still has me fried. May God help me. If it's any consolation, I'm angrier with you because I hold you to a higher standard of discourse.
    How's it going, Douche?
    I see you're awfully quiet nowadays, after 2009, with your same tired crap about how the play calling and coordinators are all amazing, and try to blame everything on lack of talent or execution.
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