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I can only imagine the look on your face when you read that come over here baby post!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🐷🐷🐷🐷🤣🤣🤣☕️
It was given to me by a very respected DR at Yale through a a nurse so ... I’m a pediatric psychologist.... It has been really hard to speak out just saying ....

Damn it seriously wine out the nose in between crying and laughing. .....thank you

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It’s my lifelong passion to make people laugh. I’m glad you like it. ❤️
Oh, my gosh. Did you hear me cackle just now? I read your comment on WTF and Washington Football Team and just lost it. Oh, my gosh. That is so damn funny. LOLOLOL
The jab(s) have 0% to do with health. Anyone who is in this mindset has been hoodwinked. Bait/Switch.