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UK NFL Games

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I'm reading some bad reports from fans who went to the Jags-Finns game in London. Many had to leave as a lot of drunkards were throwing full beer cups at other fans, hitting small kids etc. Kids crying, asking their folks can they leave etc.

Many said the atmosphere was horrible. Seems for a chunk of people going, it was an excuse to so on a major drinking session. The main UK NFL anchor on SkySports, Neil Reynolds, said his young family had to leave and many were laughing at them as they left. He's disgusted.

I don't want to appear like I'm having a go at the English here, Gomezcat might get offended but the English are the worst drinkers in the world. They always go OTT and get aggressive and just can't handle it. The European Championship Final in Wembley this past summer was disgraceful. Drunken yobs broke in without tickets and made life hell for everyone with fighting and other fans having to leave. Disabled kids were knocked out of wheelchairs, you name it.

This needs...

Looks like the Patriots are...

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...that team that is going no where, but no one will want to play. 2-4, could very easily be 5-1.

They're not quite out of it yet - Jets next week, 2 winnable games following that, and their key divisional games ahead of them.

But they'll need to get to no worse than 5-5 after 10.

Dallas offense breakdown

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Thought this deserved a separate thread for the board's X's and Os types. This is well done, if a little overhomery.


Gilmore Released

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Wickersham’s Book

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Get ready. Some early excerpts here. This is going to dominate the airwaves for a while I’m afraid.

SImms: Bills are The Best Team in the AFC

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CHRIS SIMMS UNBUTTONED Josh Allen, Bills rapidly gaining momentum

Chris Simms explains why he thinks Josh Allen and the Bills "are going to be unstoppable" after Buffalo breezed past Washington, 43-21, in Week 3.
Video on link

Special Teams

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I know, such a sexy topic...

So I've basically worked under the assumption that STs under BB have been outstanding. After all, we dedicate multiple roster spots beyond P/K/LS to Teams every year, and we consistently hear how much focus the Patriots place on Teams. I was thinking of how uncharacteristically bad Teams have been so far this year.

But I was looking at the expected points stats on profootballreference and (with the caveat that I don't know how that is measured) I was pretty taken aback to find that it you go back through 2015, the Patriots only have a positive value for Teams about half the time. And considering that during that time the Patriots have generally had excellent punters, kickers, and returners, wouldn't that mean that it's all the subtle, little things that are bringing down their score on that metric? This seems to run counter to what we've generally held out yo be true.

So...bad metric? Something I'm missing? Just a case of a runaway narrative...

We're on to Tampa Bay: Game Thread - Buccaneers @ Patriots - Sun. Oct 3rd 8:20 PM (NBC)

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Welp I figure let's get this out of the way. Both teams coming off of a loss, Vegas is going to heavily favor the Bucs on this one. However I think we have a real shot here, because I think Brady will want to get the "has beaten all 32 teams" chip which Brees and Manning both got, and knows this is his only shot. As such I expect him to force the issue a bit, and as we know he's not immune to throwing a bad pick when trying to force the issue against former coaches and teammates (see the Titans game in 2019 for details). For him, this is a "legacy game", whereas for the Patriots, it's a chance to get back to .500. I expect Belichick to get in his head and to force a pick or two, and we know their defense can't stop anything fiercer than a soft breeze, so I think we have a real shot at the upset. Obviously we'll need significantly better play, at every phase of the game. If the team plays like it did last week, they'll lose and lose badly. But this isn't the karma...

The Julian Edleman Tribute Week thread

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Because he deserves his own thread.

There are players who have been on this team over the last 20 years who embody the Patriot Way more than most. These aren't the superstars, but they are the soldiers you want next to you in battle.

Troy Brown was the original, Kevin Faulk stepped in, and then came Jules (James White is the dude now).

Jules didn't drop the catch in crunch time, he made the catch we'll be talking about for the next generation, His playoff stats alone tell the story, he was CLUTCH.

He wasn't the biggest, strongest of the fastest guy, but if you could find 22 players with his attitude, you'd win the Super Bowl every damn year.

Gamete Thread - Saints @ Patriots - Sun. Sept. 26 1PM (FOX)

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Oh when the Saints
Come marching in...

Gamete Thread - Jete @ Patriots - Sun. Sept. 19 1PM (CBS)

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Just because it needs to be done.

9/11, where were you and what do you remember

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Non political version (just saying it to be safe).

I was in my first year of college for broadcasting. I had no television in my room (another story) and I happened ot peak into the next dorm room over either in time for a replay of the second plane or the second plane. My classes met for only a few minutes. I heard that gas was going to go up and while I had almost a full tank, I waiting in line 30 minutes to top off. Probably my biggest memory I remember is Letterman. There has been constant 24/7 news coverage for days. The night he went on air, it was right after the local news. No musical open, no announcer, nothing. Just a graphic of the show title and silence to this.


Letterman was the first on air after the attack.

Your 2021 Patriots Captains.

Stevenson dislocated thumb

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Damn. Bad timing....the team seem optimistic though he can still play on Sunday.

Shit Pats fans say: 2021 Season Preview

RIP Sam Cunningham

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Just saw this on PFT:

Sam was one of my favorite all-time Patriots.

Of the Patriots 3x Super Bowl Champions, who makes it into the HOF?

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We have multiple players who earned 3 rings with the Patriots in the 2014, 2016, and 2018 seasons. Some of them may still be active, and still have a chance to increase their ring count and / or overall candidacy, but nonetheless it seemed like a fine time to review and speculate. I'll break it down by position group (kinda), and will also include honorable mentions if anyone earned 2 with the Patriots and earned a 3rd elsewhere. I have not looked at the 2001-2004 Patriots to review who has and hasn't made it in, and argue over who still deserves a spot but doesn't have one yet. That may be the next thing I tackle, but certainly if anyone wants to draw comparisons to the results of that group to argue over how likely it is that player X from the latest run, obviously that's perfectly valid and any insights on that end would be appreciated. Without further ado!

Not going to mention he who must not be named, for a ton of reasons. Most importantly, because he adds absolutely...

“It’s True” – Rich Eisen on Brady’s Criticism of NFL’s ‘Defenseless Player’ Rules

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I hope that it's OK to post this in the main section and not the Brady one, because I think the discussion isn't so much about Tom but the wider issue of player safety and the changing face of penalization in the NFL.


From a football standpoint I agree with Brady 100%. I think that it's the offense's responsibility to protect their players from being hit by the defense, not only for safety but also for simple ball security.

But, from a human standpoint I've moved past my desire to see big hits. I'd much rather see solid, fundamental tackling. Bring a guy down without trying to kill him. I don't like seeing anyone get hurt whether it be from my team or other teams, especially with big hits to the head. And I freely admit that I have enjoyed this type of play in the past, and that there is a part of me that still does...

RIP David Patton

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Died yesterday in a motorcycle accident. RIP .

Cam Newton released!