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Sounds like we got Zeke. :shrug-n:

Bentley extended

Patriots sign DeVante Parker to 3 yr extension - $33M

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They must like the guy a lot. What this means for a Hopkins move is anybody's guess..


Everything You Want To Know About Our 2023 Draftees

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In 1 place

Isaiah Bolden pick 245 CB Jackson State

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The Patriots drafted Isaiah Bolden, a big CB, from Jackson State, with their final pick of the 2023 draft, I think.
Overall, I consider this to be a good draft. Now let's see how these players contributed to the team when the games really start.

Pick 214 Ameer Speed CB Michigan State

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Ameer Speed is 6-3 210. Don't know how fast he is and could be drafted mostly as a ST player.
That's the 2nd MSU player that we have taken.

Pick 210 Demario Douglas WR Liberty

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Demario is 5-8 180 runs a 4.44 40, is considered very shifty. Certainly a slot receiver prospect.

Pick #187 Kayshon Boutte WR LSU

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Kayshon is 5-11 195 with a 4.5 speed. Athlons Draft Guide ranks him as the #1 WR in this years draft.
You read that right #1. So, maybe we should be shaking our Bouttes.

Pick 144 Atonio Mafi OG UCLA

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Antonio is listed at 6'3 338. That's pretty much all I know so far.
We were all concerned about OT before the draft. But drafting 3 OG this year and 2 or 3 last year, we will be starting 5 OG's this year.
That will take DC`s around the NFL to figure out and we win another SB.

Pick 117 Sidy Sow OG Eastern Michigan

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Another swing player, has played both OG and OT. He's 6-5 326 and plays very aggressive and loves contacts. Right now is a powerful run blocker.

Pick 107 Jake Andrews C Troy

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Hopefully a step up from Jamie Ferentz. At 6-3 and 325 moves very well and "plays with nasty mean streak".

The 2023 NFL Draft Rounds 4 through 7 4/29/23 12 noon

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Today is the final day of the 2023 NFL draft. It will be a long day as they have 4 full rounds plus comp picks added to each round,
In the 4th round the Patriots have picks 107,117,120, and 135. I'm sure that BB will have some treats for us by the end of that round.
They don't have a pick in the 5th round but with 4 other picks in the the 6th and 7th, they could trade up to the 5th.

Patriots select Marte Mapu with the 76th pick

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Called an athletic swiss army knife. Reminds me a little of Brandon Meriwether's game, but dude is 6'3" 220#. Played QB, WR, LB, CB, Safety in HS.

Patriots select Keion White DE with pick #46

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Great pick best player left on the board. Can't wait to see him at 6-5 and 285 lined up with Judon and Barmore.

The 2023 NFL Draft 4/28/23 Rounds 2 and 3 7PM tonight

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Rounds 2 & 3 of the NFL draft will begin tonight a 7PM. The Patriots have picks #46 & 76 tonight unless they trade up or trade down or trade picks from other rounds to get an extra pick tonight. I think you get the drift of what can happen.
It will be held in Kansas City where last night an estimated 125,000 people, mostly idiots wearing Chiefs jerseys, showed up to watch Goodell read names off cards.
Let's hope that the Patriots have as good a night tonight as they did last night. And let's hope that the Steelers pass up Joey Porter Jr again, just to piss off his father.

Patriots select Christain Gonzalez with the #17th pick.

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Played CB for Oregon 6-1 197 4.3 speed.
Very happy with this pick. A consensus top 10 rated player.

The 2023 NFL Draft 4 /27/23 Round 1 8PM

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Tonight is the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. It is being held in Kansas City of all frigging places. This means I'll have the mute button on most of the night.

The Patriots have the 14th pick which will probably happen between 9:30 and 10PM. I don’t have a frigging clue who they will draft or at what position.

They could trade down. There was even a rumor that they will trade up to #2 with the Texans for Mac Jones and a 2024 1st round pick. I called Bill* and he would neither confirm or deny such rumor. I think this rumor originated on the Felger and Butthead radio show.

Reading all these mock drafts over the past few weeks, the Patriots could draft any one of 82 players.
Enjoy the draft.

* Not BB, just my cousin named Bill.

Rodgers Is a Jet

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The Jets basically trade two 2nd round picks for Rodgers and move down two spots in the 1st round. If Rodgers does come back for another season, that changes to a 1st.
Jets did pretty well I think. The Jets continue to pick up GB's QBs once GB is done with them. 1st Favre and now ARodgers.

Lamar Wants To Be A Patriot

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Don't kill the messenger. I don't want him but as RKK says, it's up to Bill.


Hightower officially retires

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Hard to think back on "most IMPORTANT plays" in Pats history too long before you think of Dont'a Hightower.