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Does Trevor Lawrence have the Mentality of a Champion?

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I am sure most have heard or read Trevor Lawrence's recent quotes about his approach to football where he said he didn't have a chip on his shoulder and his father said that football is not the most important thing to him and that he is not a guy that wants to win the SB at all costs. Wanted to see what people thought of his mentality and if it would concern you if the Patriots were the team taking him at #1 and not the Jags.

Trevor Lawrence's balanced approach to football coupled with Urban Meyer's fanaticism will make for quite a show in NFL​

In a Sports Illustrated cover story that sent draft fans into a tizzy, the Clemson star revealed a grounded and perspective-based ethos when it comes to winning in the NFL — namely while it is very, very, important, it’s not going to consume him.

“It’s hard to explain that because I want people to know that I’m...

Broncos' Players Vote To Skip OTAs; Other Teams Joining Them

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Citing COVID concerns, the Broncos' players like the prospect of a prolonged vacation. The NFLPA is flexing on behalf of its union members. It's their right.
In their statement they said the quality of play last year (with skipped off season) was better than ever across the league. I take issue with that.
I'd also point out significant injuries were up 16% in the NFL in 2020 due in large part to not enough run up to playing games.
So far Tampa Bay and Seattle have joined the Broncos in opting out of OTAs.
Patriots? Practice makes perfect. Mask up.




Jules is released, expected to retire

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Edelperson cut. REALLY sucks his Pats career ended in this fashion. Nothing but love for everything he gave the franchise!

Patriots cut Edelman with failed physical designation

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49ers trade up, move to the 3 spot in draft

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Sent Miami 3 first round picks and a 3rd ... huge price to pay to move up ... wonder if they tried to make a deal with the jets first... if so, and they didnt bite, darnold's days are done in ny

Jimmy might get cut loose, most likely next season... can we stand one more year of cam?

Pats sign another dependable special teamer

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Hunter Henry to the Patriots!

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We got him.

3 years $37.5M with $25M guaranteed.


Patriots Sign Henry Anderson

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Pats sign WR Kendrick Bourne

Pats sign WR Nelson Agholor

Former Titans’ TE Jonnu Smith reached agreement with the Patriots on a 4–year, $50 million

Cannon traded to Houston

Justin Bethel to re-sign multi year deal

It's Cam!

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He's coming back on a one year deal.

Cue hysterics....

Welcome back, Trent Brown

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That's interesting, we're getting Trent Brown back? Great news.

Brown is adjusting his contract according to Rapoport to make it happen. We know the Pats will go run heavy next season, this is another cog. I wonder will Bill go for a double with Gruden and take Matiota as well??

We're going after Jimmy G.

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According to BR this is "far and away their Plan A".

Don't have a link, it just came up as an alert on my phone.

Link now below


Alex Smith cut...

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worth a try?

Van Noy released by Dolphins

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A Russell Wilson Trade Looks Imminent

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By Michael-Shawn Dugar, Mike Sando and Jayson Jenks

Days before a critical home game against the Cardinals, Russell Wilson met with members of the Seahawks’ coaching staff. It was a time of high tension. In Seattle’s previous two games, Wilson had turned the ball over seven times, and the Seahawks had lost both, first to the Bills, then to the Rams. The offense needed to get on track, and Wilson had ideas on how to make that happen.

Instead, the meeting would come to symbolize the divide between Wilson and the organization.

Pete Carroll has built Hall of Fame credentials on what he sees as simple truths about how the game is best played: Run the ball, avoid turnovers, explode in the passing game. “It is not because we just want to knock our head against a wall,” Carroll once explained. “It is because the game is played well when you don’t give the other...

RIp, Marty

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One of a kind. Very good man. Sad day for me. Go get the gleam, Mart.

Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels

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Eagles To Interview Josh McDaniels

January 16th, 2021 at 2:15pm CST by Sam Robinson
After an unusually quiet start to his offseason, Josh McDaniels will be part of this year’s HC interview circuit after all. The Patriots OC will meet with the Eagles about their top coaching job, Bo Wulf and Zac Jackson of The Athletic report (subscription required).
The frequently sought-after coordinator will meet with Jeffrey Lurie on Sunday. While McDaniels is certainly one of the more polarizing candidates available, he has already begun recruiting staffers in the event he can land the Philadelphia gig, per Jackson and Wulf. That strategy turned out to have notable consequences in Indianapolis.
McDaniels spurning the Colts three years ago led to the Eagles losing OC Frank Reich. Their...