ASSante Is At It Again...He H8S BB


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Oct 30, 2020
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Bill has a way of shutting his critics up and has demonstrated that many times. I have every confidence this will happen again in 2021, but I'm not
in the least surprised that everybody is getting into the act. It's the same thing every time we don't dominate the league and win it all and Brady's
Big Tampa Adventure presents the perfect trail of bread crumbs for all the junior detectives out there to follow: It was Tommy all along.

As far as Assante goes, I stopped listening to him a long time ago. He has offered up differing versions of his iconic, signature Super Bowl choke,
most of which indicate that he felt it was a difficult play and it just didn't work out despite his game effort. In fact, that interception opportunity
it was the fluffiest, fuzziest of bunnies, requiring a modestly well-timed hop to catch a ball perfectly dropped into his breadbasket without anybody
challenging him. It was the chokeiest, chokeing choke of all time and space.

The Venus De Milo could've hauled that one in with her stumps.

Your average T. Rex could've OBJ'd it while simultaneously watching itself on the Jumbotron.

A drunken Italian chef could've trapped it neatly between two pizza paddles.

If you're going to choke a perfect season away then you should have the balls to own what you did. Be a man about it and at least I could respect that.
No surprise to me that Samuel prefers to pretend that he gave an epic effort that fell a little short.

We all would have been better off if he tried to catch it with his mouth.
True...Brady also does a fine job of shutting his critics up I told you before, it was going to be Brady or Bill get the media trash depending on what happened. The stories were already written, it was just who they were going to use it against. People waited a long time for this to happen. Its the least surprising thing that happened in the NFL. When you win as much as Bill, you no longer have the option of rebuilding or having a down year. Other coaches can lose 5 straight years and then have a good year and get praised. Bill's bar is too high now. He will now have to suck for 5 years and then have a great year then he will get the praise.