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    Thanks for your comment, buddy. I enjoy our debates. It would be no fun up here if all of us agreed all the time on everything. lol. You are a great poster too. And don't worry, I am not going anywhere. This season has been dynamite thus far.
    No worries. We have pretty different perspectives end a lot of us end up arguing in the Political Playground when we wouldn't otherwise.
    haha. I used to be really angry. All the time. Had a few personal issues that I've since worked through. I'm not perfect but I try. A day at a time.
    Haha. I used to be the grammar police on the interwebz thingie. No longer. It's the kinder, gentler way for me these days.
    I have that problem sometimes, as well. I saw my doctor. He said if it lasts more than 4 hours I need to go to the ER.
    Will do. Gonna go see the Perseids up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Leaving at 4:00AM. Should take us a little over 19 hours with stops. Hoping to drive straight through. I'll check in when I can.
    Which one? LOL Not that I'm so hilarious, I just might not have been trying to be. :D
    I do some email and ppc markrting on the side. I have a job doing almost the same, including some programming as well. Its pretty competitive out there.

    What type of marketing experiments have you tried?
    Wow sorry for the real late reply here. For some reason I didn't see this notification when I logged in until now.

    I got out of the loan business and I am back in the marketing / lead generation area. I work for an affiliate network now. Much closer drive, better pay, more relaxed work environment. Its hard to complain. I do find myself working off-hours more, but worth the trade off.
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