Patriots Planet Comics Presents: Rod Grader, Forum Cadet!


Zen Powered by Death Buddhists
Nov 19, 2003
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Sanger, TX
Patriots Planet Comics™ is embarrassed to present the third issue of Planet Comics: Rod Grader: Forum Cadet in The Case of the Missing Manning. Amazingly enough, many of the incidents occurring in the story did not actually happen in real life, though many of them may have. The story is pretty juvenile, dumb and not 100% accurrate or realistic or anything, so if you don't have a whole lot of time to waste, you should probably move along to another thread.

Some members may find themselves thrust into the story, don't be concerned, it's nothing personal (for the most part). It's also not personal if you're not in the story. There are many more retarded comics in the works, so you never know who'll show up.

In addition to the pages appearing here, they have also been placed on the new Planet Comic Page that has smaller thumbnails that you can click on to get the full page. The pages are a little big, but when they are reduced in size they are harder to read.

This issue will be a two parter with a total of 32 pages, the first half will appear now and the second half in a week.