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  • Hey Bug! just stopped in to say hi for the first time in forever. lol
    All the best to you and yours!
    Thanks. Coming from you, that's cool.

    That one is a particularly egregious abuse of the English language that is overused, has become prevalent, and grates on my nerves. Plus, I think he's a moron, so I like to pick on him.
    Help. New poster here... What's "Mood" supposed to reflect? Is that something I choose, or is it determined by my comments? Mine says I'm angry. I'm not angry.
    Just curious. There is a lot of personal attacks going on in this Forum especially in the "Why?" thread. Isn't this against policy? I mean a little teasing and poking is expected during the summer when there is not much to discuss on the players front but it's escalating into something that may get out of control. We should be able to post and agree to disagree without the fear of personal attacks and name calling.
    He can definitely hit them out of the park! Just love the guy!
    It just had to be said...and it couldn't have been said by a better person!
    That math was dude's worse subject :)
    I can't rep on this fancy iPod thingy, but holy shit I just laughed my ass off!!!!
    LOl NO thanks I stay far away from there. :) I had heard that interview with Romo and was glad someone posted about it but its fine. I will live. I am so happy FOOTBALL is here. Get some rest and have a good night.:)
    Anni I have a question please. Why do threads get locked like that when it is one user going nuts? Does this mean that we will never be able to discuss Tebow because Ri will get up in arms? I understand how difficult the job is here but I was into talking about the subject and now we can't. Thanks.
    Cool, loser pays $10 to the fund for Babs? Is that okay?
    Did you want to do a side bet this week?
    I think you should bench Chris Johnson this week, he'll never get any yards against Pittsburgh.:rolleyes:
    I see someone has topped 4900. :coffee:
    It isn't one shot, Danielson, it's an aggregation of ideal rounds. I have yet to put a full game of ideal rounds together, FWIW.
    There's a few Mini Pool games I don't think PP will be able to make if you want to push them along. That way you'll lose to me faster.
    Funny smiling mean like this?

    Did you see my PM?
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