Week 5 Other Games Thread

Fred Jackson with a 5 yard TD run. I think it is better for the Pats if the Bills lose, but I would LOVE to see the Bills become the clear #2 team in the AFC East over the Rats.
Curtis Painter goes 5/5 for 66 yards on the colts opening possession with a TD pass to garcon to cap it off
Bills pick Vick again. Pass rush hits Vick as he throws and George Wilson with the pick.

Bills are an entertaining team to watch. They look to be building something in Buffalo.
Thank god the Cowgirls are on a bye week. Means the Pats game is gonna be broadcasted here! :rockon:
Ugh, I'm stuck with the Giants and Pitts games. Would much rather have had the Bills, NO, Indy or even Minn game.

Also, Minn is up 28-0 in the 1st, any one know what happened? I take it they'll finally win.
painter a 67yd td to garcon, painter to garcon has resulted in 4TD's so far