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  • They edit some of my stuff in that Star Wars thread. Apparently c3po is not a lot of push a turd in Chewbacca.ROFL
    Thx for the friend request

    Oh, guess I missed it in the melee. Derp!
    I'm guessing you haven't discovered the CM thread mistakenly placed in the football forum by some incompetent. cheers
    Gosh my sides hurt thanks you to, and yes thank you. :)
    Are you having fun today here at the Planet? I know I am from just reading your posts. LOL
    I am still the luckiest Dad and Like you wouldnt change a thing..Well actually I wish my middle one didn't act like the ex so much,but it is what it is..:)
    Holy shit dude you have 3 daughters..Me too you poor bastahd...ROFL
    Too funny! Sometimes I crack up at the insanity over there. One rational person, one pot-smoking jokester that always makes a shitload of sense, and a semi-rational semi-serious Injun. Everyone else? Padded room material.
    I got to stop looking at your avatar, it is memorizing and not in a good way :)
    Share some of that khicken please :)
    Conversation in that thread just stopped and I thought rofl
    I think we probably stumped some people huh?
    sorry brother..I just couldnt turn my back...
    We'll get our own show on ESPN the Ocho!!!
    Oh I hear that.
    Plus now I can envision the duster coat with biker boots. :)
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