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  • You OK? Haven't seen you post in a really long time. Just waiting for football season? We miss you over here.
    Thanks, again. Yes, I played OL in High School and the experience of playing against guys that were older, stronger and outweighed me by a lot burned something into my brain. I'm not sure whether that was good or not, but I love watching those guys. The job Scar did this year was simply unbelieveable. If they gave an award for Assistant Coach of the year then he should walk away with it. I talked to Jerry yesterday and his current situation with Barstool gives him a lot of time for research and he has started the process. Too early to say who he'll guess on, but he does love him some Jabril Peppers, who, according to him, is so fast that he could beat Chris Johnson's 40 time. The Jimmy G. situation is such a huge unknown that predicting anything prior to the draft is nearly impossible, but he's got quite a track record.
    Thanks a lot, Bill. I don't claim to know much about the topic, but I just like watching OLinemen doing their thing and talking about it. I feel like folks go on rep a lot of the time or react to obvious stuff, like Thuney getting too many flags. If you watch what the kid really does it's hard not to be excited about his future. All he needs is refs to forget that he drew flags this season so they don't go flag-happy on him and he's going to the pro bowl next year or the year after. Actually, he'll get selected, but will be otherwise occupied. ;)
    This watching online thing is a whole new way to get gray hair, ain't it? Seems like every time I lose the feed, then comes back, something major has happened. Can't wait for the playoffs when I can watch on actual TV!!!
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