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  • I see you. :coffee:
    Happy (belated) Birthday, my friend. Hope it was a great one! :)
    Yo! Was wondering about you. Where the heck have you been? Hope all is well and that you and the family had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year!
    I have one if you need it. lol
    Ok. :thumb: You are right. I've never watched it. Hear it's excellent, but I'm really not a zombie guy I guess. Cheers, :toast: Tim
    Happy Birthday. Dick.
    Thanks Stan! Wow, what a great freaking game but a heartbreaker. I also experienced that 2 weeks ago but I'd imagine this hurts more because of the game. Pats played hard.
    Doh! I thought when you said the flyover scared you that you meant this year! Ugh pink eye stinks. Jake already get it too?
    Why didn't you tell me you were going to the game? :( Would have loved to have had a beer.
    Thanks, my friend.
    Thanks, Boo! I would say I hope you had a fanastic day with the boys but I already know you did. :) Impossible not to.
    I got it just for you! You're welcome, Merry Christmas!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. :)
    Making my day better!!!! lolz
    Thank you very much. :)
    Happy Birthday Dylan!! :)
    One hell of a tear :)
    Thanks so much! I'm a beaming mom. I'm so happy for this child of mine!
    They're funny. Also, I suck at it. :sulk:
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