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  1. N

    Randy Moss gets his due

    In West Virginia on Friday, Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss was honored for his charity work off the football field, and the Herald-Dispatch has the full report. Earlier in the day, "the U.S. Postal Service unveiled a limited-edition envelope honoring the New England Patriots wideout. He...
  2. O.Z.O.

    Patriots Planet Mayoral election

    Well, after the overwhelming response to my shameless panhandling plea for casino cash yesterday, I have decided that we should have an election to determine who should be the mayor of Patriots Planet. I'm nominating myself, and will try to come up with a list on candidates. Polling closes at...
  3. Undertaker #59*

    The Casino and Arcade Thread

    I have enabled some of the options for earning money to play in the Casino. Everyone gets $250 just for showing up each day. I enabled rewards for all the things you do on the board - posting, thread starting, etc, but if it gets abused by people posting garbage, everyone may lose it. I just...
  4. southcarolina

    southcarolina's insomniac theater

    Hello, my name is southcarolina, and i am an insomniac. I work swing shifts at a large manufacturing facility and also have sleep apnea, so my sleep schedule is all kinds of F'ed up. It was suggested by one of PatriotPlanets most esteemed members (OK thats not was RoadGrader) that i...
  5. Undertaker #59*

    Last one to post in this thread wins

    Just filling my stupid thread idea quota. And no, mods if you post in here and lock the thread, that's cheating. ;)