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  • So are the Dodgers making room for Harper after that big trade with the Reds? Merry Christmas, brother
    I get the trolling and his brand is a pretty lame. It's just the name calling and personal ad hominem attacks that seem a bit off the off the mark.
    O.ZO., Where do you see your boy Bryce Harper going? I keep hearing the Giants or maybe Philly. I did just read that the Yanks might just break the bank for both Harper & Machado. That would make me fucking puke! I read you post & couldn't agree more about these analytics nerds ruining this great game. Jayson Werth summed it up when he hung up the cleats. Well, disappointing end for my Tirbe but I didn't expect much from them in the playoffs & Houston is just a much better club. Indians have some tough decisions to make this off-season. Hot stove league will be interesting. Hope all is well with you & yours, Jack.
    No, but you made it political by shitting on Trump and calling him a racist when that path could have been avoided.
    Re your rep today: I hear you and I feel my response is me at my passive-aggressive finest .

    Is he an old man? I thought he was a young guy given he is so emotional. What is his deal anyways? His football takes from his Pats "sources" are almost always a mile off the mark. You and Tommy are more accurate with your takes on the Pats.
    Thanks OZO. I know about her political leanings. We have actually messaged back and forth after the election and we are cool. Even though we differ politically by a mile, I do enjoy hearing from the other side as it helps me understand the thinking. lol.
    What's our imbedded Ratbird spy's pov and etc on the krapernick fiasco? We do have a ratbird thread going on this.


    Cheers, :toast:
    So very glad you have such a high regard for others with different opinions than you. Fact is I have never done anything to you nor have I ever spoken poorly of you. You really need to clime down from the pedestal you have yourself on before you fall and get hurt.
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