2021 draft. Round 6 pick 188 Patriots select S Joshuah Bledsoe


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Oct 2, 2007
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STRENGTHS: Muscular frame with solid thickness…patient at the top of routes with the smooth movement skills to react with receivers…hits another gear when he drives on throws…plays with timing, regardless of whether he locates the football or not…doesn’t panic and clobber receivers with his back to the line of scrimmage…competes with an aggressive mindset, flying downhill as a run defender…communicates well pre-snap, getting teammates lined up…likes to mix things up with receivers…durable and started every game the last two seasons, playing nickel and safety.

WEAKNESSES: Wide, choppy pedal and will get turned the wrong way…when he false-steps, it can often be a death sentence…combinations will catch him offbalance in zone…reacts quickly, but doesn’t consistently anticipate the route path…will arrive too hot as a downhill run defender and make tackle attempts more difficult than they need to be…streaky pursuit angles…physical striker, but needs to be more fundamentally sound with his wrap skills…only one career interception and allowed eight touchdowns.

SUMMARY: A two-year starter at Missouri, Bledsoe was a free safety in former defensive coordinator Ryan Walters’ 4-2-5 scheme (Walters was retained from the previous regime under new head coach Eliah Drinkwitz in 2020). He managed only one interception at Mizzou, but he led the team in passes defended as a junior and senior. Bledsoe is an amped up competitor with the play speed to make stops at the line of scrimmage or race with receivers to the catch point. However, he doesn’t have the high-end physical skills to make up for mistakes. Overall, Bledsoe needs to play with more consistent anticipation and discipline, but he has the mentality of a linebacker and the smooth movement skills to stay attached to routes. He projects as a nickel safety in the NFL.