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  • I'm doing it in August. Prepping these next few weeks with some easier hikes.

    I'll let you know.
    Against all laws of medical science, I am still working full time. Think of me while you're duffing away on the course! Preparing to throw a giant party for Goodell after TB accepts our next trophy.
    It's that time again! Always brightens my day to see the little pisser guy back in action. Hose down dem Fins!
    Hello Sir. I'm OK but *badly* in need of a change of job. It's a bit like working for the Raiders, but they have better management. How are you? How's the golf with the Black Bears going?
    What a bunch of deadbeats around here! You make a great post and - an hour later - still no replies. You're obviously not missing much having to spend your time elsewhere . . .
    The 9'ers mob here at work are beside themselves, as you might imagine. Thankfully they're taking it pretty easy on the one lone Pats fan of the group and not rubbing in our rancid loss. Appreciated. And yes, still looking for TB to get one more SB ring before it's over. Just not this year . . .
    Funny, but I had a very uneasy feeling going in so was disappointed but not shocked by their loss. Guess I'll just keep our betting boodle in a pile to keep growing untl next year.
    Greetings, Paw! Might have known a pee pee thread would bring you out of the shadows! o:-)
    I'll be retiring right about the same time the Jets win the Super Bowl. Does that give you a clear enough picture?
    Greetings, pardge. You're really glad you haven't been around here lately. Stink fest in the politcal forum resulted in PatsFanLisa, Mayhem and Pyxis getting thrown out. Should have been more IMO. PERFECT TIME for a humorous thread.
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