Your Moment of Zen

OK, fair warning, it's Craig Ferguson, so it's completely politically incorrect.

Piggy, you'll love it.

You all know, or should know, how I feel about B5.

Well Netflix f'd this up pissing off Henry Cavill, but having read the books, I know exactly what this scene is.

Love the use of Witcher signs.

OK, this one's personal.

My dad was a pilot on the USS Guadalcanal and was there when they captured the U-505.

He had a set of wings that were part of a Presidential Unit Citation that he wore with pride on his suit jacket for as long as I can remember.

BTW some NSFW language.

OK, who knows what this is referencing?

BTW, for those who know, Portmeirion Village in Wales was the place the filmed all the outdoor scenes.
OK, 40+ minutes isn't even close to a "moment", but this video about the Canadian controllers, and the Gander airport, bringing down, safely, 200+ aircraft on 9/11 is pretty cool.

I think I just might prefer to go on a scratch built submersible to see the Titanic than do this.