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  • Hi, Dee. I don't say hello to you near enough. Hope all is well with you & yours.
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    It is I’ve been all over the place recently life got crazy lol but thank so much and hope all is well with you
    Hi! Never been poked here before. What's up?
    Just want to say Hi havent seen you in the PF in a while so I figured I reach out lol
    Wonderful! Another plus for NH! We like the Appalachian mountains also, VA, NC. And then there's is Northern NM. Decisions.
    thanks... but that is actually just a joke... a line from Airplane! (first he says "i picked the wrong day to quit smoking" the later "I picked the wrong day to quit drinking" then later "I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue" as the game goes on, I'll post those lines (if it stays close/stressful).
    No big deal sweetheart I hope you’re having a better time of it. Get well soon
    In response to your behave comment you know it’s impossible for me too. ROFL
    The fictional mystic pizza from the film was fictionally located i Mystic, CT. :dbanana:
    So glad!! Memorial Day was/ is a big thing for me and my family. I sincerely hope Lori had the best day ever.

    I am doing alright. Just been very busy and didn't feel like being on here was a particularly productive use of my time.
    Hey Dee, thanks for checking up, Glad you had a great trip. Knock on wood, nothing but good news here. Cleared 2 weeks early for most everything. Start a formal cardiac rehab program (36 0ne hour monitored exercise sessions) on Monday. Been walking everywhere all day most days. Walked 8 miles around Boston Monday, 6.5 miles today around West Newbury and Newburyport.

    And while still frightened by the whole thing and uncertain where I go from here, I feel great. And so happy to be back carrying my end of everyday workload. Worst part of it all was watching Lori do everything with me unable to help.

    Can't wait for tomorrow. Go Pats!!!

    Cheers, Tim
    Hi sweetheart! The kids are great, thanks for asking. And yours? I've never been called the voice of reason in my life. A shrew, a b*tch, an unfiltered witch, yes. Reasonable? Can't remember that one! :)
    It's so kind of you to ask and reminds me that I forgot to post an update in that thread where I talked about my granddaughter.

    On March 9th, she received a transplant of her small & large intestines, stomach, pancreas, and liver. It has been amazing to watch her go from the little girl who cried frequently and who didn't have the strength to even sit up unassisted to a little girl who is quick to laugh and walking just as fast as any child her age.

    Sadly, she will need a colostomy bag the rest of her life and I hate that. But, I have to remember to be thankful that she was given a chance to live and hope that modern medicine will someday find a way to rectify that.
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