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  • Tip, If I remember you do a fair amount of cycling. I'm going to start getting into myself but I need a little expert advice on buying a bike. I'm going to be strictly road riding. I'm not going to do anything in terms of serious competition but I will enter probably some minor events. I've read plenty but I figured you can give me some real knowledge. I plan on buying something in the $900-1k range. I don't mind spending more for the right bike. Thank you.
    Probably not as visceral as Shadow Divers, but I read another of Kurson's books immediately after and it was quite good. "Pirate Hunters" which also features John Chatterton. I have to check out the audio books on Amazon Prime. Thanks for mentioning them which reminded me. It's a great way to "read" if the narrator is good and you aren't constantly getting interrupted.
    "Was going through the old post in this thread, and came upon this post by you, and your commentary. Glad to have a voice like yours on this board."

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Cross country is great in a car, but even better on a well boiled icicle.

    Have a good trip.

    I couldn't even see straight to type yesterday. I had an allergic reaction...to an ALLERGY medication. :doh: That crap only happens to me.
    People tend to forget that the sacrifices of people like your son over time; I hope to never be like that. Thanks to your son~
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