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  • My Master's thesis from Harvard was published, so correct English was a necessity. I have found that knowledge of our native language is an advantage in life - just not on sports message Boards where most barely finished the 5th grade.
    I should have been more clear that I expected to be slammed for wanting a geek like Colin but I just adore him . heheee
    I just posted this in the Political Forum.

    If I go to early voting, will my TV know to stop allowing political ads? If not, you need to invent a thingy to make that happen.

    Please check Babalu's thread and my post regarding cheese burgers.

    Actually, the comments made were not mine. I was simply trying to pour a little oil upon the waters - if you'll forgive a pun in very bad taste right now. We all want this to be over.
    Attention: O_P_T......please report to the Lost Thread at your earliest convenience. Please and Thank You. :)
    "Having said that, thank you for agreeing to try and improve the decorum here."

    just so you know, incase you've missed it, PSC has been one of the WORST offenders of this action, and it isn't just me that will tell you that.
    I was disappointed not to get a reply to my PM. No offense intended, but I consider you my "science authority/nerd :)" and I was hoping you would have a few thoughts on the subject I inquired about.

    That being said, I've always enjoyed reading your posts. You are an extremely intelligent individual who "bothers" to take the time to link sources that enforces your viewpoint. Thanks for being a member here. You've certainly kept me informed on many subjects.

    Thank you for your thoughtful posts and I am ruminating..not ready to answer just yet. Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring your poignant questions and discussion.
    O_P_T, your well-crafted, insightful posts always inform and entertain. Send me a befriend request if you'll have me --- and NO, I am not stalking you for your Single Malt Cellar -- although I am just under an hour away from you :D
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