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  • I wrote it in the thread where you asked but then was concern you might miss the post :)
    I was not able to record it last night but saw the Sunday showing woohoo:)

    Your welcome glad I was able to help
    ahhhhh that explains that. I figured it was cause I haven't been around the planet too much. Well hang in there and if you need anything let me know!
    That's really shitty MM and I'm sorry you have to go through it. But I am sure you will work whatever is going on out and be able to move on if you haven't already. I have obviously been way out of the loop if it happened that long ago!
    hi MM!! I had a great birthday thank you :) How have you been? I read in one of the threads that you broke up with the fiance? Are you ok? Still at the new job?
    Just keep doin what you do best! Never thought I'd make it :) Now I know more about sales tax than I ever wanted to. :suicide:
    That's awesome! The one I have now was supposed to be a month long temp job. I just passed my 5 year mark :) So you never know! Good luck with it!!
    You're right, I do need a better camera. What one do you have in mind? My camera doesn't have all the cool features so I think that's why my pics turn out so blah.
    Lol I know! Seriously though I am so excited for you! I hope you like the job, and if you do, I hope they keep you forever and ever and ever. hehe

    You'll have to have some fun before the job starts.
    No not from Swampscott I'm from outside of Montreal originally but now I live in Southern NH, have been here since 1992 (In New England, lived in MA for 10 years).
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