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  • All out of rep, so I'll get you later. Your wall is beautiful. Much nicer than mine :)
    Patsload. Please. Please. Please accept my apologies. Several Planeteers have jumped all over me about your family situation. I swear I knew (or simply forgot - I forget EVERYTHING at this point in my life) nothing. I am totally chagrined. Tim
    Honestly? Because I get to say all the things and vent my stress to someone I consider to be an affront to society. And by the way, I would say them to her face...not just on an anonymous message board. I have no tolerance for fools and insanity.
    I have never seen House but I hear it is good. Hubby watches SGU but I can't stand it.:) I used to LOVE the old SGs though. 30 Rock is hilarious and Modern Family just rules all sitcoms!
    Hey just wanted to say hello after the rep..thanks. Yeah we do seem to have similar taste. What else are you currently watching if anything? We are going through the whole BSG series on Blue Ray with a friend who has never seen it and it is SO good. Old Modern Family and new and old South Park are current staples.:)
    Yea Kitchen remodels can be very pricey...It really depends on the quality of materials...
    I can't use Firefox. I'm at work and we can't download anything to our PC's. I am going to try deleting the history again later.
    Thanks sweetie, it has been a journey but then that is life right, did not want to clog up the thread and go offtopic so hence writing here
    My father's family is from Lachine. They live all over Canada now. I went to Vancouver a few years ago to visit family. They are out on the island.
    My family has a house right on Lake Ontario there. We all get together there for a week or so every summer. You're right, not much there.
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