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  • That is reassuring for sure. Having to leave for that length when things are going nuts is definiteily not fun. Safe travels. :)
    My mother and father in law don't live far away, so they'll likely support a little bit if things go haywire.
    I think everyone'll be fine, though.
    Thanks for thinking about us!
    Thanks very much my friend!
    Very happy to see all is well with you too! :) Been way too long
    Oh yeah. I'm having a blast... Oh, and...

    Moo! BANG! Mooooooo!
    Maybe Daryl Stingley? He hasn't been around.
    oh, ok! Thanks!
    Thanks....and your right thats all i can do. I appreciate the prayers muse :)
    Thanks muse. Its not going good, she wont go to rehab, and thinks we all dont care. Pisses me off.....all i can do is hope and pray ya know
    Doing about you?
    Hi, Sweetie. I owe you rep and I'm all out. Will get you later.
    Sorry Muse. I know your a coach K & Duke fan. Don't let it ruin your weekend.
    I know! I saw that yesterday. I needed to get on the laptop to clean them out. lol
    Thanks sweetie. It's damn hard. I know it's the right thing for Peyton - he might go to a team with an actual chance for another ring. And it's prolly the right thing for Colts too
    Yea, I know that it's necessary, but I so hoped for him to retire as a Colt :sulk:
    lol, hiya. Didn't see this until now. Guess I dont' come by very often, huh? So how are you? Heard about Peyton? It's a sad day for Colts fans :(
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