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  • I had to pound 3 or 4 cups of coffee today to keep from falling over. It was yummy with a pumpkin spice creamer. Thought of you.
    Best Wishes,I'm sure it'll be fine and quickly regret how long you put it off.
    Sending Good Karma your way Bro....
    Can't believe we actually see eye-to-eye about anything, but couldn't agree with you more on this one. Don't let the screen door ...
    OBF doesn't like me either. Jumped all over me one time waay outta left field. Maybe she's got something against Italians?
    Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to let you know that I did hate the Pats at the time that you left that message, and I also hate them at this very moment. Good day sir!
    I love Pedroia more for his talent :) But yes I think he is a cutie. He is also a very friendly person! So you leave him alone! :harumph:
    No I am waiting for the stupid inspector guy to come. I am leaving by 11 if he ain't here. There was one other time I was a little to te left and 13 rows behind home plate and AGAIN Wakefield was pitching! :banghead: but that's ok I will see my lil Pedroia :) Have fun at the game!!! I wanna go to a Pawsox game!
    Stupid rain :sulk: Postponed til tomorrow and it's supposed to rain tomorrow too! :harumph: Wakefield is pitching of course so no Varitek for me either :(
    Just got the tickets. Checked it out. I am most definitely in the 5th row right behind the catcher lol I really hope I am not one of those people that is on the damn tv thru the whole game! What if I need to pick food out of my teeth! LOLOLOL How classy ;)
    LMAO Well I don't know exactly how far back yet I think it's supposed to be 5 rows but I'm not certain. I kinda hope I am not one of those people that are on tv the entire night LOL How the hell am I supposed to eat my fenway frank!!
    Nahh. I didn't subscribe myself. They just started showin up, so I got about 2 years now. Unless a smokin hot celeb poses, not interested in that one. The web is better. And so is Penthouse.
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