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  • yeah-good to see you around. The fun continues. I amuse myself at least.
    I few weeks ago, I think...
    In response to your "rep" comment....yeah, but Jesus loves ya, baby. :wink:
    I think the Alamo was probably more of a lost cause ROFL But no matter - #TEAMAPOLOGY :D
    Cool did not know that was you on FB friend request sent. #TEAMAPOLOGY lol
    I actually wasn't doing home schooling at that particular moment. Actually - By "home" I meant that old euphemism for the asylum. Where they lock you up for the old indefinate timeout. But delighted you liked it anyway. ROFL ROFL ROFL
    Yeah, but it's hilarious, thought, isn't it?
    Hey! Great way to start the year. Some good natured banter, humor, and homemade donuts! :)
    That should shut him up, though. Hopefully.
    Hi Miss! Would you mind private messaging me your address please and thank you? :)
    Yes, he is. Seems to be going around lately.
    Don't get complacent. I'm practising!
    The one about the pre-requirement for sleep fitness training plan, namely, you first have to pass Sitting on Your Ass on the Couch. I'm working on that one to get my conditioning up! ha
    Every time I read that over I laugh all over again. Killing me ...ROFL :LOL: You're a clever girl!
    You could ask that question of a lot of nutcases and get the same answer. Insanity, my dear.
    I meant your inbox..I swear...ROFL
    You box is full...
    Where??? Send me the link!!! I forgot the name of the thread and couldn't go back and find it.
    Come Back, Little Sheba!
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