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  • Don't let them rail you about California, they hate any state where most of the people have their teeth, and do not try to get as many guns to supply an army.
    Just between you and me, only one cat I haven't liked. The one my son took off our hands. In fact, in college, my 1st cat went missing for about 6 mos. I would always call for him when I walked home from campus. One night, I was walking home with this lovely girl I had met a few times. As habit, I called out for him. Guess what?! He came out of a cow pasture right up to us! I ended up marrying this lovely girl. 35 yrs now and counting. True story.
    Been a busy offseason so far. Hope that all is well with you. One of my sisters and another bro-in-law have had some really bad stuff. Looking forward to golf season!!
    Nope. That's why I left. That and the fact that I refuse to deal with people that are so blind, so ignorant, that they can't see what is right in front of their faces. My tolerance is nonexistent. You can't imagine the things that have been said to me in there.
    I hear you. Repulsive is a perfect word. In that video he becomes completely unhinged. I may have written this in a rep comment. I can not stand to watch or listen to him as he makes my skin crawl. I am still shocked that he even got elected. As a woman when I see the "Women For Trump" signs I want to hurl.
    No, but that would be appropriate. I think I remember seeing it was an antinuclear submarine missile or something like that. All I know is he's the epitome of a cult member.
    I did think that at one point, but I'm certain it's not. I attempted to elicit by subterfuge a few months ago a determination, and his response leads me to believe it is definitely a male. An idiot, a male, and a danger to democracy.
    Everything for them is government should stay out of business. Even if the business is harmful, detrimental, cruel to society. They have all the answers. I'm thrilled to hear about Cali's new law. It should happen in every state.
    Hey, sorry I'm just seeing your message now. I didn't have to register for anything with buffstream. Lately I've been using this site though: http://www.nflstreaming.net/. There are some ads but the streams are generally pretty solid. Let me know if that works any better than firstrow for you.
    It goes back a ways with him and I. I am not one of those that rips the team when they lose, he is. I hate that, and he hates that I hate it. I am fine with, they played bad, etc, but the. "This team is trash" "brady is old and done" "This team has no chance" I hear it every year. Sadly the pats success and Brady's success has ruined things, and it will never be good again until Brady and BB ride off into the sunset, and things are remembered instead of holding their feet to the fire on every bad pass or every loss.
    Answer to your query...years ago I was pro capital punishment, provided indisputable evidence was involved, like DNA testing or video. Since the multiple government lab scandals, and the FBI's recent admission that it faked Fiber forensics evidence for 20 years, I have come to the position that state's evidence is never beyond a reasonable doubt....so I oppose capital punishment in all cases, no matter what, though I understand the sentiment for the other side.
    LOL, it's usually more about dog owners than dogs. Not their fault idiots own them! I know I am big time in the minority. :D I hope you and hubby are well. I do miss you guys! I've just had a lot of changes in my life and some things have gotten pushed aside for a bit. Hope to check in more as the season approaches. So glad trainkng camp is almost upon us!
    One great thing about "neighborhood" games is that you make up the rules as you go along. Also, I have no idea why we chose "wolf" when it could have been any number of preditors but somehow "wolf" made sense.

    My dad's been gone, ten years this October, but I can still hear his voice ringing in my head. Especially when I mimic it :)
    Glad you saw it and I share your amazement over all these cult groups. Humans can have some really odd quirks, that is for sure. What bothered me the most is that some of these groups attract people who are total lost souls with obvious mental issues, but a lot of these Scientology people seem like otherwise solid, intelligent, dedicated types who didn't smell the skunk until they got whacked in the face by it. Scientology is the cult of all cults. Massive, insanely wealthy, heavily entrenched and capable of war if anybody threatens them. It's both repellent and completely fascinating that it ever got so damn big and powerful and I don't know that they can ever be taken completely down. The more docus like this that are done then the better the chance that the captives will see it for what it is.
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