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  • Great to here that you get to spend time with your son this year for Christmas. Hope you have a great one, m'man!'s your Christmas present...

    IF the economy turns around, unemployment drops, and things start rolling in this country and we're all kicking ass in life...I'll be the first to give Obama the credit :D

    Merry Christmas!

    LOVE the energy this place gets sometimes. I haven't found a better political forum anywhere. I post sometimes on the RCP boards, but nowhere else that I've been has an exchange this good.
    What's that dish in the thread "6th favorite food" you linked a pic of?
    And what's the one next to it in the bowl partly seen?

    no wonder those people do some of that shit they do. That stuff can't be good for your brain
    "That's what this place has become. If someone disagrees with you or some of the others here, you guys call them brainwashed."

    I a point. There are several members who attempt to debate you civilly, but we don't get much of a response because you seem to get caught up with the flame throwers.
    One of these days I'm going to get out your way and you and I are going to have one hell of a time partying!
    I meant to say Brand of comedy. I just not a fan of the way he does Movies. It is a in your face take it or leave style that i don't like.
    Knowing you, I'm sure there's something tremendously funny behind that ROFL
    Seeing as no names were ever given to verify the source, you should REALLY consider dropping that quote in your sig :)
    Much like New Hampshire (now to be known as North Massachusetts) the transplants into Fairfax county in Virginia and the Raleigh-Durham area in NC are really changing the demographics.
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