WTF Thread

Oh boy!!

Turn on my commerical magnet.
Bit of a dearth of WTFs of late, THIS QUALIFIES AND HELPS.

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I've had flights delayed, cancelled, and diverted for all sorts of reasons, but that's a new one. And everyone who was taking a trip to Spain and had their plans tanked for this... Wow.

Since TPIUW (more)P:
It's funny, but I feel awful for all having anything to do with that flight, and even worse for the person who ended up causing this. Apparently EMTs met the plane and transported the person to and by ambulance.

Because people suck and the Internet exists, the chances that this person gets doxxed are about 90%, and ends up killing themselves within 12 months are at 74%.
I just sent this gif on a group chat and said I'd keep everyone posted as events warrant.

Then I realized it was not the intended group chat, and included LW #1s boyfriend. I realized this when he replied, "Noted."