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Oh boy!!

i'd completely ignore it. likely attracted to him for shock value.
If my daughter's choice of all the men in the world was this guy, I would arrange a play date with my niece's ambitious straight As hot lesbian college roommate and hope for the best.


Local Couple Arrested

Tullahoma, TN- The Tullahoma Swimming Pool was evacuated and closed abruptly midday today after an intoxicated couple fouled the water.

Briley and Dustin Pounds are each being held on $2500 bond by Tullahoma PD at the Coffee County Jail. According to Sgt. Michael Decent, the pool was packed when the two stripped naked and entered.

"He yelled 'Cleveland Steamer' and she just reclined on the steps like they do this frequently," said Decent. "Then he sits on her chest while everyone is scrambling out of the pool and starts crapping! Damndest thing I have seen this week!"

A Parks Department official said he does not know when the pool will reopen. Reportedly, 3 employees quit when instructed to begin cleanup.

We want to remind residents that the Normandy Dam is still open for swimming.