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  • I drink Spark from Advocare and just ordered a canister of Optimum Amino Energy. Can't wait to try Glitch. Running and cross fit keep that stuff in high demand for me.
    Actually making up things seems to be the argument most used by them, so it might not matter. Sometimes I think they just say things hoping we would not look it up.
    Was not hard to do, I just feel like I at least owed you that much this week. Been an ass about it and I know its important to you.
    He did not ask a question, and I question his fanhood because he is not a pats fan and says that he is. If you bothered to not be obsessed with me and actually checked all of his posts you could see this for yourself.
    I thought th epoint of rep was to approve or not of posts. I don't think I need to stop.
    THEN STOP! Don't reply to my posts, do not mention me in threads, stop PMING me, stop reping me, enough, you want to be a 5 year old then do it, but you keep doing this I am getting the mods involved.
    Just don't comment on my posts and I won't comment on yours. The karma thread is supposed to be fun and silly. You're just a blathering idiot who has ruined PP for me and many other people.
    Why do you have to act like a 3 year old and neg rep me? I did not defend anyone, I showed some stats....if what I showed defended him, then its pretty silly.
    Grog, first of all, this guy came to this board and basically started trolling, go read his posts. He then came back and bashed the pats after the browns he came on and said he was sorry for gronk? Stop reading my posts, and stop with the neg rep you are like a 3 year old.
    "No I said respect Denver and what Manning can do to a team."

    Or what? The Karma crap will come get me? Sorry I do not believe in the boogey man and Karma in football games....if that is your thing, cool, I do not say anything to you about it, but respect others and what they choose to do and not do.
    Too bad he runs on endlessly and says nothing original. Tiresome. He already helped run off a lot of good posters who just couldn't continue to deal with him. ONce in a while I put him on ignore to keep my sanity. It's frustrating having to wade through his wishy-washy posts to find something worth reading. ;)
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