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  • Thanks, Mike. It's been rough for him but mentally he's still Phil, so it's been slower to progress than in regular early onset Alz, so we're still able to do stuff and have a few laughs. I appreciate your kindness and hope all is well with you and your family.
    I seen Bruno fight the missing link. It was supposed to be Andre, but he cancelled. But to see him vs Zybysko would have been amazing
    Well, pointing out the different treatment between left and right is a hallmark of that particular page. Pointing out the left threatened to kill a little girl for impersonating a communist congresswomen fits just fine. If you are referring to Lisa's drive by, just defending myself. I expect you overreacted.
    Mike, you repped me, but it should have been for BG. Please give her what you meant to give.
    Ah yes. Another unworthy planeteer lucks into mistakenly misguided but valuable BT rep. You'ld think they'd let me take i back. I apologize for the confusion.
    Heh...I seen it after I posted it. Then I was like...I wonder if anyone would take this the wrong way?
    Ah. Thanks Mikie. I think I misread her post. She does post sometimes like she wants to harm me. lol.
    I know you were joking which is why my reply had all the emojis. lol. I don't think we have any Colts fans left to care about our threads as there is just Jaric and we know he is really a Pats fan.
    I think I may have sent you $250K twice...could you check? If I did...then use all $500K for NE tonight. thx
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