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  • Dr. Chevss

    Wonder if you have had any expereeience with Berkshire pork and have you done any sous vide? Planning on a Berkshire butt in the next couple of weeks and intrigued with the sous vide. Any thoughts?


    Cheers, :toast:
    Not for a second do I buy BB is tanking. I read that, I think on Yahoo sports, & got good laugh out of it. Hope you & the fam are doing well during all of this.
    Mea Maxima Culpa

    One of my common errors: Draft response and fail to correctly post it. As in your case, here. Much appreciated. Interesting burn, guessing an offshoot of Minion. Definately try before summer/fall ends. In end stage just puncture foil for temp reading? And, just s&p, no other rub necessary?

    Thank you, my friend.
    Decorah Mom and DM2 take turns keeping the eggs warm and I've yet to see the eggs left unattended. The shift changes I see are pretty quick. When I posted the picture of the 3 eggs that I snipped from the live stream, Mom had just finished rolling them and she was right there. They are awesome parents.
    ugh, I will aproach wifey with this information. As far as the purina, she came back with the recalls.. I have a head ache.
    Chev, watching the game yesterday your boy Braden Smith was very good. For some reason I thought he was a guard at Auburn not a tackle but admittedly I'm not all that familiar with the Aurbun OL.
    It's an NFL film, And it's a genuine (IMO) little memory that's been fun. That's my reasoning. I was careful to credit him.

    I read a report that said both Kraft and BB convinced McD to stay because of Irsay and the unstableness of that org.
    Genuine but not one of their super expensive models. I'm generally not a huge fan of the brand but like this one and wanted it for the collection
    I'm not thrilled about it, except for the fact that I was concerned that the Pats would trade Brady at some point after this year. But this is a good move, Brady is not declining and won't any time soon, they kept Jimmy out of the AFC, and because he was a good soldier didn't send him to the Browns. Now we just have to find another really good college prospect to groom.
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