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  • Good luck against the Clowns, broseph. I fired them over the Watson deal & will never go back as long as that sleeve bag Haslam owns them.
    You're a good man brother. I just wanted to tell you that.
    thank you, and ditto. OSUBuckeye.. Lots of excellent posters here.and that includes you brother. Love that word, brother. Man hugs,
    Hi back. Ya know, if you and I, being of radically (sorry to use that word) different viewpoints, can still enjoy our friendly relationship, maybe there's hope for this country yet. BTW - after the Patriots, the Steelers are my favorite team. LOVED the Chuck Noll/Bradshaw/Joe Greene/Swan/Harris days and pulled hard for them to win back in the day.
    See! See! Kitties are indeed your good luck charm. Without one, you'll have to find your glasses for yourself. Lots of kitties at the pound would LOVE to have you as their new dad. Jes sayin. . .
    You have made a serious error in judgment. A home without felines is a sad place to live. Only the furniture likes it. Won't be long before you start missing their pesky kitty ways.
    lol. probably some truth to that but I have matured thru the years (I think). I wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts and agree with them 99.9% of the time. The other .1% has to do wif football. Again Happy Birthday! And I have a lot of friends with birthdays in April. Go figure.
    Yes that is me. I know you remember only because of Mom being a Steelers fan, it's all good. ;)
    I goolged it and found it. No doubt being rec'd as the height of insensitivity by some i sent it to, but side splitting by others. Personally, I am finding the pandemonium more comical than catastrophic. SKY AM FALLING! "Social distancing?" There's a catch phrase for every occasion. I'm old enough to have lived through many "global calamities," yet somehow life continues to go on . . .
    Could be, but I'll never know since I'm not on facebook. I saw it on the Pats msg board not long ago, but after looking through all recent posts, couldn't find it. Probably just as well as not everybody I know would have found it funny. Too many people taking themselves way too seriously. Thanks for looking, tho.
    Hi AOT

    Thanks for the prayers much appreciated. He’s opted out of hospice for the time being. They still haven’t told the kids just how bad things are.

    All companies have recalls from time to time. If she doesn't want Purina, go with Science Diet, Wellness or Royal Canin. Just don't go grain free. Rice is not considered a cereal grain and potato is a substitute for grain used as a filler. You don't want rice and potato.
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